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Yamaha PSR-E413 Keyboard Review

Yamaha unveiled that the PSR E413 61 key synth would replace the PSR E403. The PSR E413 has many of the same features as the PSR E403, in fact, except for some cosmetic changes to the front panel, taking 6 AA batteries (used to be D's) and..Read more.

Yamaha PSR-E403 Review

For those of us who are fans of the Yamaha PSR-E213/203 (YPT210/YPT210) and PSR-E313 (YPT310) keyboards, the next step up is the Yamaha PSR-E403 (YPT400). This portable keyboard really packs a punch. New to the PSR-E403 are two assignable knobs, a pitch bend controller, 6-track sequencer, 15 arpeggio programs, USB connection, REW, FF, PAUSE, START/STOP song control features, a blue back lit LCD screen, and, accessory CD-ROM packed with songs, styles, and software. All this is in addition to...Read more.

Yamaha PSR-E313 Review

Making its debut in 2007, the Yamaha PSR-E313 is Yamaha's newest evolution of the now discontinued PSR-E303 keyboard. The PSR-E313 is virtually identical to the PSR-E303 except for a few improvements and features which we will cover here...Read more.

Yamaha PSR-E203 Review

The Yamaha PSRE203/YPT200.  In 1984, Yamaha debut their first PSR keyboard: the PSR15. Since then, over 100 different PSR models have made their way out of the Yamaha R&D center into countless numbers of homes all over the world. Over twenty years later, Yamaha introduces the Yamaha PSRE203/YPT200...Read more.