Piano Lessons Articles

"I will show you exactly what to do to keep yourself motivated and excited each and every day to master the piano!"


Piano Lessons Article #1: Learning and Mastering the Piano - Introduction

Welcome to my Piano Lessons page. My name is Hiram LeCedre and I created YamahaMusician.com. Before diving into what I consider is the best way of learning and mastering the piano, I would like to first thank you. In just a little over a year since I started this site, it has grown from an idea in my mind to being in the top 1% of global internet traffic. So, thank you for your support.

In the same way I approached building a successful website in a short amount of time with neither any expertise, experience or knowledge in web design, I approached learning the piano...Read more.

Piano Lessons Article #2: The Three Key Steps to Learning the Piano

Welcome to Article #2: The Three Key Steps to Learning the Piano. What I am going to talk about in today's lesson are the three key steps for learning the piano as effectively and quickly as possible while having fun at the same time. Look, if you aren't enjoying what you are learning or doing, you are probably not going to stick with it for very long and you won't give it your all...Read more.