Piano Lessons Article #1: Learning and Mastering the Piano - Introduction

By: Hiram LeCedre—March 15, 2009 5:45PM
"The majority of piano students give up the piano as quick as a New Year's resolution to lose weight or quit smoking. I will show you exactly what to do to keep yourself motivated and excited each and every day to master the piano!"
Hiram performing on the piano.


Welcome to my Piano Lessons tutorial. My name is Hiram LeCedre and I created YamahaMusician.com. Before diving into what I consider is the best way of learning and mastering the piano, I would like to first thank you. In just a little over a year since I started this site, it has grown from an idea in my mind to being in the top 1% of global internet traffic. So, thank you for your support.

In the same way I approached building a successful website in a short amount of time with neither any expertise, experience or knowledge in web design, I approached learning the piano.

From my 15 years of experience playing, composing and performing on the piano, the single most important quality you can bring to the piano is your determination, your desire to learn and your will to not settle for anything less. You have to be absolutely convinced that learning the piano and being anything but great to your standards of greatness isn't an option but a concrete goal. Learning the piano will be challenging, tough, and even maybe a bit frustrating at times, however, in dedicating yourself to this instrument, you will discover an endless stream of joy, satisfaction, and achievement that you would be hard-pressed to find in any other instrument except the piano.

What Makes Me So Competent to Teach You Piano?

First, I want to say that I am not the greatest pianist or musician that's ever lived—not even close. However, I have surpassed my goals for playing and expressing myself at the piano beyond what I ever imagined. How?

My journey started as a freshman in high school. I played the saxophone at the school's marching band. I wasn't the best or the worst—okay I did kind of stink at it. In fact, the marching band director agreed that I stank and gave me a D in the course.

My luck did not change until I became friends with a student in band that changed the way I looked at music. In fact, what he taught me about the piano was so instrumental within a year of teaching myself the piano I was confident enough to play a concert for an audience exceeding one thousand people. And, they gave me a standing ovation.

What I learned from him and the long hours of practice, experimentation and trial and error has become the core method behind learning the piano that I believe is much more effective and successful than any traditional piano lesson curriculum could ever achieve.

Traditional piano lessons are out-dated and archaic. Although some people have successfully mastered the piano with this method, the majority of piano students give up the piano as quick as a New Year's resolution to lose weight or quit smoking. So why are traditional piano lessons ineffective for most students? Because, they are boring. When you are bored you lose interest. And, when you lose interest you quit. Years ago when I was teaching myself the piano, I couldn't wait to come home to practice. I will show you exactly what I did to keep myself motivated and excited each and every day.

I really hope that I am being effective driving home my point to you. It's really important that you know with unshakable certainty that you will achieve your musical goals. Learning the piano should not be approached like a New Year's resolution—you must know in your gut that you will not give up for any reason. And when things get tough, you will continue marching forward knowing that soon you will breakthrough to what at first seemed difficult now be easy.

So, I ask you to join me over the coming weeks and months as I share my thoughts and experiences with you for optimally learning this wonderfully powerful instrument, the piano.