Yamaha Clavinova CVP-405/403/401 Review

By: Hiram LeCedre—August 15, 2008 11:18AM
"The Yamaha Clavinova CVP 401/403/405 models are a great instrument to have and they will grow as your musical skills grow"
Yamaha Clavinova CVP-405

Product Summary


  • Absolutely gorgeous piano sound
  • Hundreds of amazing instruments and sounds
  • Solid-wood console piano look
  • Wood-trim options available
  • 16-track sequencer
  • Hundreds of accompaniment styles
  • Able to directly connect to internet
  • Karaoke and vocal harmonizer modes


  • Not very cheap but more affordable and less maintenance than a real piano!

The Yamaha Clavinova CVP 401, CVP 403, and, CVP 405 are from Yamaha's latest line up of Clavinova CVP digital pianos. These are some really impressive instruments that aren't only fun to play but will make you a better musician and are packed with hundreds of sounds from high quality pianos to any other instrument you can possibly imagine!

If you are a beginning piano student, these Clavinovas are great to learn on because they have key lamps over each key that light at precisely the right moment that instruct you to which keys to play. It's like having a music teacher pointing to which notes you should play only you're not being charged $45 an hour to have them there! Plus, you can also view the music score on the screen while you're playing. The CVP 405 and 403 come with 120 preset songs while the CVP 401 comes with 61. You can of course load additional songs to the Clavinova if you wanted to.

For the advanced musician or composer, the CVP 401, CVP 403, and, CVP 405, come with an advanced 16-track music sequencer, sound creator, and assignable pedals to really allow you to express yourself during a live performance or recording. How expressive? How about guitar sounds that allow you to make finger squeaks and harmonics? Or, saxophones where you can hear the performer breathe for air and hear the clicking of the pads as the keys are pressed?

In addition to all these great features, the Clavinova CVP 403/405 models have a Karaoke mode that allow you to plug in a mic into the Clavinova and will even add the right amount of harmony while you're singing! All of the CVP 400 models allow you to even connect to the internet! How's that for cool?

The Yamaha Clavinova CVP 401/403/405 models are a great instrument to have and they will grow as your musical skills grow.